Alzheimer’s is progressive; it is a disease where dementia symptoms worsen over time. However, in the case of late-stage Alzheimer’s, a person with the disease can lose the ability to converse and even respond to environment. 

Alzheimer’s is more than just being forgetful but on the other hand being forgetful should not be taken lightly. Loss of memory can be very devastating especially when it involves the most important people in our lives and increasing numbers of Alzheimer’s patients every year does not help with our fears. 

According to the National Institute on Aging, they have estimated that as many as 5 million Americans over the age 65 have a form of Alzheimer’s and in the latest facts update, one in three people will die due to dementia or Alzheimer’s in the United States. This disease is actually part of the top most causes of deaths claiming 500 thousand people each year. 

The thing about Alzheimer’s is that it really has no known cure however there are some research that suggests that chiropractic treatment may help to offset the starvation of the brain by providing it the nutrients it needs to remain healthy well into senior years. 

Chiropractic treatment is designed to release pressure on the spinal column to allow proper signaling to and from the brain. The general idea on how chiropractic treatment helps Alzheimer’s is in allowing the glucose energy to reach the brain more easily through spinal manipulation thus later avoid possible development of Alzheimer’s disease.  

It has been said through research that the Alzheimer’s disease causes the cerebrospinal fluid to increase in volume and has caused chronic normal pressure hydrocephalus and toxic metabolic edema which then leads to degenerative brain size which simply means shrinking of the brain. This increase of volume of cerebrospinal fluid not only affects the brain but could also affect the entire central nervous system leading to complications regarding the spine. However, we need to understand that having spinal problems does not always mean that we have Alzheimer’s. 

What is the role of innovative zoon chiropractic techniques Los Angeles then? 

Maintaining a healthy spine and treating spinal injuries as early as possible can prevent damages that can cause degenerative conditions of the brain like Alzheimer’s disease. A chiropractor, as a spinal manipulation expert that believes that manipulation of the spine through a controlled force, can then help in preventing any degeneration in the central nervous system, most specially the brain. However, as much as a chiropractor can help us, we need to identify it ourselves as well. A simple way of helping ourselves includes being mindful enough if we observe that we are having spinal issues, a lot of headaches or intense back or neck pains. Checking on ourselves every once in a while, not only gives us relief on our present discomfort but also helps us in the long run when it comes to our health.  

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See your chiropractor and give yourself and your loved ones a dodge out of possible Alzheimer’s disease.