If you have an older home and are interested in renovating, why not add a bit more on that investment and experience a ductless system for your hvac system? You might want to ask, what is a ductless system? Why would I spend more when I already have my hvac system intact? I could just call someone for repair of my old one. These are things I want to enlighten you about. 

A ductless system basically includes one outdoor unit, one indoor unit and refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring that connects both indoor and outdoor units. A ductless system does not need any ductwork. In this type of system the indoor unit is mostly mounted on the wall in order to deliver hot or cold air to your living room or any specific room for that matter. 

Going ductless with regards to your hvac system has been found to be efficient and quiet. For those of you out there that are tired of the noises coming from your hvac systems, I suggest you try and reconsider. 

So, what’s the difference between the typical hvac system and going ductless? 

To make it simple, the typical cooling process uses a central are located inside your home and delivers your cool or hot air and sometimes this won’t serve everyone, however going ductless means providing you hot or cool air directly on the specific area you want. 

If ever you are in the need of tidying up a space in your home and turning that space into something grand or productive, you might want to consider going ductless. The room you want will need the best temperature especially if you’re turning that space into your own productive hub.  

Ductless systems are very efficient in providing you a consistent form of comfort in your space however, it is always your decision to go for it or not. Let me give you 2 vital advantages that you might want to consider. 

  • Unlike your usual window unit, going ductless will require you a lesser form of puncturing your walls as it requires very little drilling action or holes on your walls thus this also means that you are less likely to experience air leaks giving you a much efficient usage of what you paid for. Going ductless also means you will be noise free while using your unit. 
  • Ductless systems are efficient, when using ductwork; you actually lose 25% or more of the energy you’re supposed to consume. Ductless units also speed up and slow down according to your hvac system needs unlike the traditional that entirely shuts off and actually consumes a lot of energy when starting up again and again.  

A ductless system offers you a lot for an investment you’re willing to take it for, however a head’s up on this type of system is that it’s a bit on the pricey side. Don’t worry! Las Vegas top rated HVAC contractor can help you with your needs and they offer you a reasonable cost for the comfort of your home. Book an appointment and go ductless. Check on their site bulldogaclv.com for more details.  

Go ductless and refuse to lose the energy you tend to lose on your traditional hvac system. Get what you actually paid for and more.